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Digital Collectibles as a loyalty program
for the 21st Century

Easily manage your Web3 Marketing campaigns

A tool for companies, cities and tourist destinations that allows you to manage and enhance customer engagement with Web3 philosophy, through innovation in loyalty programs and Digital Collectibles campaigns (NFTs), in a safe, sustainable, simple and fast way.

From Social Media Marketing
to Web3 Marketing

If web 1.0 were links, web 2.0 were likes, today it is evolving towards Digital Collectibles (NFTs). All trend studies confirm that adoption of Web 3.0 is growing exponentially and is already compared to the growth of Internet users since the 90s.

History repeats itself, technology becomes democratized

Our web3 Marketing tool

Today NFTs are much more than digital art images or PFP. NFTs can be used as Digital Collectibles with an utility: a ticket to an event, a train or plane ticket, rewards for a Loyalty program, a hotel reservation and much more. 

Therefore the NFT Management System is a powerful tool that makes it easy to adapt your marketing strategies from 2.0 to 3.0, becoming the bridge of transition from digital marketing to the new virtual marketing. 

All this without the need of high technological knowledge and with a minimal learning curve.

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Competitive advantages of our tool

We live in a digitized society, where the use of smartphones, 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and expanded reality, etc. mean that the new generations, millennials Z, are used to these types of technologies, incorporating them naturally into their daily lives.

The traditional stickers of generation X have become today’s Digital Collectibles or NFTs or tokens.

Tool management without the need for computer knowledge


More than 100.000 nodes securing the network


Sustainability and Circular Economy: It only consumes 0.16% of what Bitcoin consumes, reuse of hard drives to farm


CFTC Regulated and Compliant

Why Chia’s Blockchain?

For the good of the planet we need that the technological projects that are developed take into account sustainability and the circular economy, only in this way can we ensure a better world for future generations.



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A little bit of our history

After starting several NFT projects in the art world and seeing how complicated it was, we realized that it was necessary to simplify and streamline the entire process. The NFT Management System was born from this concept in response to the need for companies and destinations to create and manage NFT campaigns.

Who needs an NFT MS?

Any company or destination that wants to adapt to web 3 and generate authentic engagement with its customers, beyond social networks. After all, it is the rewards program of the 21st century with which we can build customer loyalty much more effectively.

Which profile would be the perfect one to manage the NFT MS?

The trend is that social networks have less and less impact on customers, therefore the Community Manager or the company that manages social networks are the perfect profiles to be in charge of managing the NFT's strategy.

How NFT MS is Managed?

The NFT MS has a very simple back end that makes it easy for anyone with a minimum of knowledge to manage the NFTs strategy. It would be something very similar to a Content Management System for a website or a Social Media Management System that community managers use to manage their socials.

On what technology has it been developed?

The NFT MS is developed with the Chia blockchain, one of the safest, most sustainable and cheapest that exists today. It has been created by Bram Cohen, the creator of Bittorrent who has extensive experience in the technological world and has proven to be ahead of the times.

Because it is sustainable

Sustainability is a key element in any business strategy today. When we talk about developing technological projects we have to take into account how this technology impacts not only the environment but also society. Chia brings together not only the qualities of low energy consumption but is also founded on concepts such as the circular economy. More information in this link.

I already have an app, can they be integrated?

Yes, the NFT MS can be integrated into any existing app. The design of the system is developed based on modules that the client chooses depending on their needs and NFT's strategy that they want to implement.

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ISO Certifications

To ensure the total satisfaction of our customers, we strive to ensure the quality of our products and services and our internal procedures, as well as our commitment with the planet. As a result, we have been certified in the Quality Management System (ISO 9000), the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), and the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) to obtain the global legitimacy of these standards.